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  • 2005-"The Moment of Inspiration" - Creativity

    Fully developing a child’s learning and creative path requires many varied opportunities and experiences. Children thrive on challenges and puzzles, because these activities reveal new personal interests and they are also rooted in discovery.

    The World GreenMech (WGM) contest brings the act of discovery and curiosity out, and turns it into real projects, with fun solutions to problems. The WGM contest is not just the systematic study of mechanics and design. It is also the equally challenging aspects of teamwork and competition.

    WGM was originally inspired by a famous American comic called "Crazy Machine", where the artist would think-up all manner of comically-complex machines, just to perform a simple task like brushing teeth. Immersion in mechanics must be fun for children, and WGM creates a synthesis of teamwork, scientific theory and fun.

    The first WGM contest was held by Gigo in 2005, to promote creativity and scientific knowledge. Since then, new aspects of design such as Green Energy and aesthetics have been added to make sure children can emerge from their fun as well-rounded and knowledgeable people. The World GreenMech challenge has been received with enthusiasm around the world.

  • 2006-"DIY” - Learning by doing

    Using only Gigo blocks, the first GreenMech invitational contest was held in 2006. Students were asked to design and build devices by themselves, and see how machines and scientific concepts could be applied.

  • 2012-"Vision” – Foundations for the future

    National Taiwan Normal University joined with the World GreenMech competition to develop new avenues of learning, resulting in new Green Energy challenges and devices.

  • 2012-“Integrate” – New alliances

    The first World GreenMech contest was held, marking the beginning of a new era in learning through play. Interest in STEAM education was accelerating, with people from all around the world wanting to join the contest. 
    2012 marked the beginning of an eight-nation alliance, with everyone working together to promote new learning opportunities. By 2014 the alliance had grown to 12 countries.

  • 2015-"Robotics” – Creative programming

    The first Robot For Mission contest was held to develop programming skills and creativity.

  • 2017-"Education” - Increasing innovative practice

    The World Forum For GreenMech Promotion was established in Taichung, Taiwan, with the goal of further promoting creativity and scientific knowledge. Bringing new and more creative concepts to the competition, WGM would go on to make extraordinary steps forward in science education.

  • 2018-“GMJr” - Basics of design, exploration and experience

    The first GreenMech Jr. Competition was held. After witnessing the fun and progress made by older students, younger and younger students wanted to get involve. GMJr. opened up the contest to the middle and lower grades at elementary school. Kindergarteners even had a unique place in the competition to stimulate their interest in STEAM.

  • 2020-“Leadership” – Be the example, find a creative solution

    Cancellation of the in-person WGM event has given us the opportunity to start the new “Creative Dreamers” online activity. Contests can pause, but learning never stops. The WGM organizers remain committed to providing the best opportunities they can for children around the world, so that innovation and creativity continue to grow.

  • 2021-“Jr Programmer” – Logical fun

    Jr. Programmer has now been added to the GreenMech Jr. contest. This means that younger children that are interested in programming and logical thinking join in the contest. The fun of learning, competing, and getting involved in computational problem-solving reaches into younger groups.

GreenMech Contest & Green Energy Principles.

The “2010 Green Energy Applications” project, marked the implementation of GreenMech contest.

World GreenMech Alliance

2012 marked the beginning of an eight-nation alliance, with everyone working together to promote new learning opportunities. By 2014 the alliance had grown to 12 countries.

World GreenMech Committee, China

The 2016, World GreenMech Committee was established.

World Forum For GreenMech Promotion

The 2017,World Forum For GreenMech Promotion was established.