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If there are four students and one teacher in the team, how many members should I established?

If you have four students and a teacher participating in the competition, please sign up for the four member accounts and one teacher's member account to register. This means that each participant must establish a account.

What is the overall registration process?

The overall registration process is: 1. Establish the same number of member accounts according to the number of players and instructors 2. Please fill in the membership information after the member accounts is completed. Make sure that the member information is entered completely. 3. Go to the registration page and choose the contest you want to participate in. Fill in the team name, student ID number, and instructor ID number . 4. Press to send the payment and complete the registration

Is it possible to change team members of other teams to different teams?

You can freely change the player of registered teams before the deadline of 6/14 registration, but the player of team must not be less than the number required by the competition.

Does the label of creative device have to be marked with SDGS?

The association has combined the label of creative device with SDGS. Please print new label file and affix it on the creative device!

Can creative device and green energy can be regarded as the same device?

Creative devices and green energy devices should be separated into different devices, and both of them should affix their own labels.

How many scientific concepts does the GM advanced group have?

The 3 general devices must demonstrate 6 scientific concepts.